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The mission of the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) is to advance the state of the art in high performance networking and networked applications, through an aggressive and forward-looking systems research program. Effective systems research requires a blend of fundamental and experimental research activities. Analytical research is essential to developing a deep understanding of research problems, while the design and implementation of prototype systems is required to properly evaluate proposed solutions in real-world settings. Since its founding in 1988, ARL has developed a number of experimental systems (both software and hardware) and has licensed its technologies to a variety of companies. We are currently engaged in two major projects. The first is the Open Network Lab, a remotely accessible networking laboratory for research and educational uses. The second project focuses on Internet Scale Overlay Hosting.


  • Network Processor based routers have been added to the Open Network Lab.
  • Supercharged PlanetLab Platform allows order-of-magnitude improvement in the performance of PlanetLab applications.

ARL is directed by Jonathan S. Turner.

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